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On My Way X Lily - Alan Walker (PUBG) Indy Cover

On My Way X Lily - Alan Walker (PUBG) Indy Cover

Uploader: Just Indy

Duration: 6:07

Date: June 10, 2019

This video is about a girl in a game world. Someday the game server went error. And she trapped in a new world. Suddenly she woke up on Earth, Indonesia. At the first time she really confused and she doesn't know where she is, so she wanted to know where she is now. She’s kinda scared, but instead of crying and feeling scared, she choose to be brave and walked around the city. Its like a new adventure for her. She learned lot of things, She learned something new that she never knew before.
She even learned about this country’s culture. She really adapted and had a lot of changes.
As the time goes by, she enjoyed this new world. And she can live in a new world with a courage, a smile, and an open minded and open hearted. Finally , she found a way back home to her world.

The moral of the story is, wherever you are, even you in a new place, in a new situation or whatever is called, you will always find your way to be happy, to feel like home, and to be safe. Because it doesnt depend on the place, but it depends on yourself. And you will be adapted, even there will be a lot of changes. You will walk out from your comfort zone with full of courage and make your own incredible world in this big world. It depends on how you see the world, you really have to be grateful and faithful, feel bless and enjoy your life whatever the situation is. The final one, even if you lost, eventually, you will find your way back home :)
so for you guys out there, i know its a big world but you dont have to be scared because you have a bigger dreams. You can do it. Walk out from your comfort zone, find your own way, and last but not least, always be grateful for wherever you are. The life you living now, maybe is the life that someone’s wanted to live. Do your best!

Love, Indy.

Instagram : @indrayanigr

Thanks to,

Screenwriter : Indrayani Rusady (Indy)
Music Arranger : Rifo Octavian
Kreasi Tari Bali dan Sunda & Makeup Bali : Cempaka (@StudioGoroCempaka)

Thanks for watching, hope u guys like it! Don't forget to like, subscribe, turn on notification, and comment down below :)

#OnMyWay #Lily #AlanWalker #PUBG

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